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Aircraft Charters
Charter Sales

CEO, Chip Zens

Vice President / General Manager, Robert Sevier
Accounts Payable, Marla Freeck
Accounts Receivable, Theresa Tabbert
Facility Manager, David Mitchell

Personnel Manager, Theresa Tabbert
Director of Training
, Taryn Mikel
Pilot Records, Marla Freeck

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Flight Operations
President / Director of Operations, Patrick Hammer
Chief Pilot, Nicholas Metzen
Assistant Chief Pilot, Shaun Wenzel
Flight Operations Manager, Travis Brewer
Flight Coordinator, Jason Penrod
Flight Coordinator, Sally Parente
Flight Coordinator, Joseph Fischer

Aircraft Maintenance
Director of Maintenance Transport Category, Michael Koel
Director of Maintenance Normal & Commuter Category, Timothy Leech
Records Specialist, Mary Jo Pucilowski
Parts Manager, Chad Aumueller
CWA Aircraft Maintenance Facility, Greg Gaulke

Freight Runners Express
Air Charter Express
Milwaukee, Wisconsin