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Are there any changes to inflight service offered onboard? (e.g. drink service, catering, etc.)

We are offering full cans of unopened beverages and full bottles of water. Soft drinks and juice will not be served in cups. However cups of ice will be available upon the request of passengers. Pre-packaged snacks will be handed out by the Flight Attendant to reduce the amount of touching of snack bags. These will include a small candy bar, pretzels and crackers. If special catering is requested we will accommodate that request. If a request is made for no service, or only certain items, we will accommodate that request.

What type of cleaning and disinfecting procedures are in place to ensure cabin sanitization? Are the aircraft cleaned after each flight?

Upon return and departure from a company maintenance base, a complete cleaning and sanitizing process is performed on the aircraft. Prior to, and immediately after, each live leg the flight crew will conduct a complete wipe down and sanitizing of the passenger cabin and lavatory. Each leg the flight crew wipes down the cockpit commonly touched areas.

Are the crewmembers monitoring their health?

Crewmembers are taking their temperature twice a day, immediately prior to reporting for duty and immediately after completing a duty period. Flight Attendants will wear a face covering at all times at the airport and in the cabin. Gloves will be worn during food/beverage service and trash collection. Pilots will wear face coverings when not in the flight deck.

Are health checks conducted for passengers such as temperature readings before boarding?

We are not conducting health checks, we expect the group/team we are flying to self monitor and if any passenger is not feeling well that the group/team/individual will be responsible to take the appropriate actions to remove the affected passenger from the flight.

Is it mandatory for passengers to wear masks, and will they be provided?

Per presidential executive order signed January 21, 2021, it is now mandatory for passengers to wear masks. We will have a limited supply available. The Flight Attendant will distribute a mask if requested.

Will hand sanitizer or wipes be provided onboard?

We have alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer available to any passenger who requests them. As passengers board the aircraft, we are handing out individually packaged wipes.

Has the passenger check in and screening process changed?

Since the only passenger screening that takes place is an ID check, there are no significant changes. The Flight Attendant will be wearing a face covering and gloves during ID checks. We are no longer issuing cleared-to-board cards. Prior to each trip we will be sending a link to the broker that we expect to be passed onto the end customer with a link to our "Prohibited Items" policy.

Has the boarding process changed?

No change to the boarding process. Since we are flying groups/teams with no assigned seating, they can board in any order and sit wherever they like.

Are there any limitations to the seating capacity offered on board?

Since all of our flights are for groups/teams that are in close contact on a regular basis, we have determined it is not appropriate for us to limit the seating capacity.

Are any seats required to be blocked for crew and/or social distancing purposes?

On all flights with 28 passengers or less, the first row will be blocked to provide additional distance between the passengers and the Flight Attendant. Flights with more than 28 passengers, no seats will be blocked.

Will personal bags still be allowed in the cabin?

Small personal items that fit under the seat in front of the passenger or in an overhead bin are allowed. Our policy regarding stowage of personal items in the cabin has not changed.